Friday, 25 February 2011

Poster Ideas - Paper Typography

This is and example of folded paper typography by Daniella Spinat. 

I think this is good inspiration for ideas linking to making my poster title type out of the paper sculpture itself. This method will combine lettering with folds, rather than making 3 dimensional words, the folds in a single piece of paper can define the letters and words that need to be included in the poster design.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Poster Ideas

So, I got bored creating paper sculptures like how I had been previously, because all the outcomes seemed to be similar. Therefore, I had a look at an online magazine that my old art teacher made me subscribe to back in sixth form. It's called Lost at E minor, and it is awesome.
On there I found a Sydney based design studio called Philter, who made an amazing poster hand crafted out of paper to represent the letter 'F'. It takes the particular letter into consideration and uses a firey flame design.

This also got me thinking about making the desired type with paper instead of a separate form to which the type would be added, and this was also discussed in the previous workshop that I attended on the 18th Feb. So my idea now is to include the '100 years' type that is required in the poster brief, into the actual paper sculptures. That can then be photographed and additional text added through photoshop. 

Friday, 4 February 2011

Paper sculpting: Attempt 2

To progress, I began to scale up on the sculptures, using bigger sheets of paper. Also when really needed, I used cellotape, because the paper is much bigger it needed a bit of extra support to make it stable. I found that using this method of scoring certain sections and folding them inwards, naturally gave the sculpture more structure anyway. Rather than cutting lots of different sections up, like I had been to create loops. I preferred this method overall and I'm more pleased with the outcomes.

By looking through certain holes that I cut out within the scores, you can see the patterns created inside the form, the waves of paper that have had to be folded in order to make the sculpture are really interesting in themselves.

Theses are some slightly smaller forms that I made, using similar scoring methods, but different folds.

Primary Research Part 1

I seem to be mainly focusing on curves and loops within the paper sculptures, and so far they are all very flowing forms. Therefore, nature is a big inspiration, I can gather ideas from these photographs that I took of flowers. The petal forms, and patterns naturally produced within the flowers structure gives me ideas for further paper sculptures,