Monday, 31 January 2011

Paper sculpting: Attempt 1

 By cutting thin strips and tabs in a curved shape, it produces a natural curve of loops which looked even more interesting when I wrapped the pattern around itself and folded one edge of the paper to the opposite edge.
 This one was created in exactly the same way, however, instead of folding the looped pattern in on itself, I folded it outwards, and then secured it with a small tab.

 I then experimented with some different lighting effects which casts shadows and lightens certain areas to produce even more exciting formations.

Richard Sweeney

On Friday 28th, I attended a workshop lead by Richard Sweeney who talked to us about paper sculpting, and techniques on creating interesting paper sculptures using techniques such as scoring, cutting, folding, and making tabs to join paper together. We were restricted in what we did as we couldn't use any form of adhesive, so to begin with, I found it tricky to make anything that was controlled, or interesting. But after practise my forms seemed to get stronger and have some sense of direction. I discovered that using loops was an exciting effect, but no where near as good as some of Richard's work! I really enjoyed experimenting with this though, and found Richard really inspiring, his work is beautiful.