Monday, 14 March 2011

Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Outcome

This is just an idea of how much paper was scattered around my room by the time I had finished the final piece!

Overall, I think that if I had another chance to do this project, I would expand the final structure further and use different types and coloured paper, just to make it more interesting. I would also use stronger paper so that I could expand the piece at the front also, without it making it off balance with weight.
I am happy with the outcome of the piece, it reflects paper sculpting well enough and does relate to the inspiration of shells. I would have liked more time to space out making different types, because by the end I was getting very annoyed with the paper, and manipulating it. I think this was just because I had been doing it for quite a while without breaking from it.

I enjoyed creating the poster a lot more than the 3D piece. But I did enjoy the photography aspect, and recording my progress in that way.

Final piece Photoshoot

I hung the piece to my ceiling, and here are a few photos that I captured.


After hours of scoring, folding and getting annoyed, several paper cuts and a whole load of staples later the final piece was made. The piece fans out in different angles so I wasn't sure where to attach the string to hang it, so I tied it around the middle and testing which ways it hung best.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Progressing with the final structure

My flatmate took an interest in what I had been making the past few days, and took this photo of me working. I had been getting annoyed with the paper and forming it into the shape that I wanted which means that I'm not quite sure how big the final piece will turn out.


Half way through the final piece, I realised that by adding the pattern to the front as well as expanding outwards was going to make it too heavy at the front. Therefore some of the pieces I had to remove and place elsewhere, I hope that this doesn't effect the overall look of the final piece of work!